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41 Insanely Helpful Style Charts Every Woman Needs Right Now

Up your style game — the easy way.

1. First things first: It's not you! All sizes are NOT created equally. A guide to vanity sizing.

2. Here's how to find your "golden number" aka the perfect dress length for your body.

3. Figure out which colors to wear with each other.

4. And how to mix patterns and textures.

5. Go mad for this guide to plaids. (SORRY.)

6. And style your stripes.

7. Become a print-mixing pro.

8. Here are a few great options for styling a button-up shirt.

9. Here's how to tell a mermaid from a mini.

10. And an A-line from a little shift dress.

11. And here's what you should save on, and what you might want to spend a little more on.

12. Every collar ever.

13. Get a great shirt cuff every time.

14. And pull off the perfect jean tuck.

15. Know your bolero from your shrug.

16. And your car coat from a duffle.

17. Here's how to look super ~chic~ and ~European~.

18. Or make boyfriend jeans work for you? No problem.

19. One pair of leggings worn 10 ways.

20. The five elements you need to go from day to night in a pinch.

21. Make way for the best bra.

22. A few easy tips for the petite ladies in the house.

23. Find the right dress shape for your body type.

24. For all those times you were like, "What does FORMAL DAYTIME even mean?"

25. It's all about that A-line.

26. Find the neckline that's most flattering for you.

27. And the sleeve you love most.

28. Check out this visual glossary of bag styles.

29. And shoe styles.

30. Have yourself a hat.

31. Get glasses like Kanye West. Or Andy Warhol.

32. Figure out what glasses work best for your face shape.

33. Find a best necklace for each type of collar.

34. And the optimum length for each necklace.

35. Choose earrings that work best with your face shape.

36. How many ways are there to wear a scarf? A MILLION WAYS.

37. Figure out what you need to bring on a trip.

38. And then learn to pack like a pro.

39. Here's how to get your most accurate body measurements.

40. Hang your clothes on the proper hanger.

41. And maybe most importantly: The definitive guide to how many times you can wear something without having to wash it.

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