Galaxy Makeup Is Exactly What We All Want This Halloween

    And every other day, too.

    So we've had galaxy popsicles.

    And galaxy cakes.

    And even galaxy hair.

    Well. You may remember when galaxy makeup came out earlier this year and guess what? It's going to be the answer to all of your Halloween costume problemz.

    How ephemeral! How stunning!

    When people ask you what you are for Halloween, you can just be like, "I'm the friggin' universe, DUH."

    AND it's a look you can get without having to buy any special props or gimmicky products.

    Even though it looks like it'd involve an airbrush makeup wand, you can get the look with just a regular eyeshadow palette. Here's how:

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    And here's an even SIMPLER tutorial, done by our fave new CoverBoy, James Charles.

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    So what are you waiting for? Reach for the stars!