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Galaxy Hair Is Here And It's Going To Blow Your Mind

Girl, you're outta this world.

Guys, this is galaxy hair.

I'll pause and let you catch your breath.

Galaxy hair is about approximating the look of, well, the galaxy.

It looks pretty beautiful on most people.

But! As Kristi Coleman, stylist and colorist at Floyd's in Fairfax, Virginia, explained to BuzzFeed Life, galaxy hair requires a pretty hefty time commitment.

For Coleman to color and style her coworker's look, (pictured here) it took five and a half hours, from start to finish.

Jamie Muniz, a stylist with the hair color line Pravana, said the color should expand outward from the root.


"The head is a globe and color should expand out from this, like it would around a sun. I also pulled inspiration from the concept of rings around planets," she told BuzzFeed Life.

No matter what, says Coleman, "if you want it to look good, do your research on stylists and go to someone who can do it right."