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Figure Skater Vincent Zhou Made Olympics History And Everybody Is Freaking Out

He successfully completed the first quadruple lutz in Olympic competition. What were you doing at 17?

If there's one thing we've learned during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, it's that the US figure skating team are a bunch of adorable angels that must be protected at all cost.


The youngest American Olympian, Vincent Zhou, nailed the Games' first-ever quad lutz:

On Thursday night during the men's figure skating short program, 17-year-old Vincent Zhou made Olympics history when he landed the first ever quadruple lutz in Olympic competition. Just take a look at this amazingness.

HISTORY. Vincent Zhou, the youngest member of Team USA, lands the first quad Lutz at the #WinterOlympics.…

How awesome!

Zhou's accomplishment was just the cherry on top of a fantastic series of performances by Asian Americans at the games.

I'm BASKING in the glory of Asian-American excellence at the Winter Olympics! My skin is clear. Our future is brigh…

And people were. feeling. it.

Apologies to all my neighbors who heard the dolphin noise I just made when Vincent Zhou landed the quad lutz

Zhou not only skated his butt off, but he also took up the mantle of defending his sport to a Fox Sports anchor who decried that figure skating was "not a sport."

And even if he doesn't make it on the podium this Olympics, Zhou's tenacity and daring have certainly made him one to watch.

Vincent Zhou is 17, but said he doesn’t feel like a teen. He doesn’t hang out at Starbucks or “spend time vaping wi…

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