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Fashion Mags Are Still Using Mostly White Cover Models

A new report finds that mainstream fashion was still majorly whitewashed in 2014.

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Several magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar U.S. and U.K., Vogue U.K., Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Paris, Vogue Ukraine, Vogue Russia, Teen Vogue, Numéro, LOVE and Porter, had zero people of color on the cover last year.

Amina Akhtar, Editorial Director of The Fashion Spot, says that the cover model problem is reflective of an overall lack of diversity in the fashion world.

"If you don't have people from diverse backgrounds, then you aren't going to cast people from a diverse background," she told BuzzFeed Life. "The industry isn't all white but you kind of wouldn't know it from looking at the mastheads of many of these magazines."


She also acknowledges that fashion mags have a long way to go when it comes to representing women of different body types.

"Fashion, at this point, has become modeled on this image of a size-four, thin rich woman," Akhtar told BuzzFeed Life. "And that's bullshit. It shouldn't matter what size you are or what color you are. Magazines need to catch up to that idea."

Akhtar suggests that readers that feel frustrated by lack of diversity on the covers of their favorite magazines speak out — with their wallets.

"If a retailer or a magazine is using models that don't speak to you, then spend somewhere that is," she suggests. "Where you spend your money speak volumes."

In response to questions about its lack of diversity, a representative from Teen Vogue replied: "No comment."

At the time of publication, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar had not responded to BuzzFeed Life's request for comment.