26 Remarkable Feats Of Manscaping

Your body really is a wonderland.

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7. To demonstrate your patriotism.

10. To guide lovers down the path of certain pleasure.

11. To remind yourself where your penis is.

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12. Geez, guys, OK WE GET IT.

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13. To show off your six-pack and cool new swimsuit.

14. Or your hard-won eight-pack.

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16. To show your allegiance to your favorite superhero.

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19. To keep things business casual.

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20. To show how much you love cats.

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22. To create a mighty mustache.

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24. To show off your custom "cupid being fired out of a canon" artwork.

justinedenhofer /

(That's what that's supposed to be).

25. To cover up your assets.

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26. To show your true love.

Ashleylove85 /

(Back hair).

Which is chest hair (of course).

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