How One Man Is Saying Good-Bye To His Dog With The Sweetest Bucket List

This is puppy love.

1. Two weeks ago, James Garcia’s dog Elmo was diagnosed with liver cancer, bladder disease, and renal failure.

2. James has had Elmo since he was a puppy — he’s almost 16-years-old now—and couldn’t bear to think about life without his beloved doggy.

3. “The vet has given him a couple of months,” James told BuzzFeed. “So I decided not to sit and cry but to make the moments together matter and decided to take him to every one of my favorite NYC spots.”

4. Since his legs no longer work, he got a special stroller just for Elmo.

“I never wanted him to feel lonely in the apartment and he loves the outdoors so much,” James told BuzzFeed. “He goes with me to restaurants, grocery shopping and naps in the park.”

5. James started taking Elmo to all his favorite NYC places — including Shake Shack for a burger.

6. He took Elmo to Times Square.

7. And to hear some tunes.

8. Here’s Elmo watching artist Greg Siff paint his portrait.


9. And watching the sunset over Manhattan during “Manhattanhenge.”

10. He’s been to MOMA.

11. And to the gay landmark the Stonewall Inn.

12. He’s met his namesake.


13. And made new friends.

14. Lots of new friends.

15. James wanted to share his experience with others so that he can offer another perspective on grief.

Someday he hopes to write a book on how to say goodbye to a pet by “sharing experiences together,” he told BuzzFeed.

16. For now though, James is focused on showering Elmo in love, attention, and happiness in his final days.

“That’s the route that Elmo will take.”

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