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    33 Super Easy Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

    Step one: Cut a hole in a box.

    1. Do the robot!

    2. Find your inner dragon.

    3. Get square as a Lego man.

    4. Got a few friends and a bunch of boxes? Go as Tetris!

    It also works great as a couple's costume.

    5. Keep your trick or treating clean and go as a box of laundry detergent.

    6. Start a snackwave as a box of popcorn.

    7. Maybe you're as cute as a Box-O-Puppies.

    8. Channel your plastic selves as Barbie and Ken.

    9. Go for a measured look.

    10. Make friends as Franzia.

    Get the instructions here.

    11. Style yourself as Steve from Minecraft

    Get the instructions here.

    12. Scramble yourself into a Rubik's Cube.

    13. Keep it colorful in this crayon costume.

    14. Get your stripe on.

    15. Unfold the box, and make a life-size photo strip.

    16. There's always going as a naked SIMS character IRL.

    17. Or as "guy eaten by a shark."

    18. Find yourself in the fishtank.

    19. Keep it crazy in the claw machine.

    20. Or become one with the bubble gum dispenser.

    21. Feed your inner child as a box of Frosted Flakes (with real life Tony the Tiger baby attached).

    22. Addicted to your phone? Go as your favorite app!

    23. Or get your Dr. Who on and time travel with the Tardis.

    24. Cover your cardboard box with pleather and create the cutest baby Birkin bag ever.

    25. Embrace your inner Nerds.

    26. Take a whimsical balloon ride.

    27. Get in an Empire state of mind.

    28. Turn yourself—or your kid—into a spooky chef.

    29. Find a friend and go as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

    30. Who's the sheriff of this town? You are!

    31. There's a unicorn version, of course, too.

    32. Be the perfect bedtime snack.

    33. And if you're really daring, you could always go as pizza.