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21 Of The Year's Creepiest Easter Bunnies

Easter is over but the creepy feels live on.

1. This guy lurking in the shadows.

“@SamanthaGomezzz: Andrew came to dq . ” the Easter bunny looks low key creepy asf

2. This presidential voyeur.

3. This menacing furball.

So I met an extremely creepy Easter Bunny today...

4. This straight up stalker.

easter bunny was extra creepy this year.

7. This rabid rabbit.

10. This big guy, who's seemingly oblivious to the screaming child next to him.

Katie Peiffer / Via Facebook

11. And this guy, who managed to cuddle up to National Treasure Will Smith.

12. This complete weirdo.

It's 2015. By now they should be able to make the Easter Bunny a little less creepy lookin…

13. These kids can't get away fast enough.

Hey @jimmyfallon, this creepy #EasterBunny should be a new character on #ew! #CreepiestEasterBunnyEver

14. Neither can these children.

This is me, hate the Easter bunny, so freakin creepy😭🙅@Yogreeny_

15. These kids are absolutely shell-shocked.

20. This bunny that clearly has NO SOUL.

21. And this one, who obviously doesn't understand how this whole thing works.
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