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    "The Rock" Made An Alarm Clock That Let's You Wake Up With Him

    Great app or greatest app?

    It's a fact: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a goddamned national treasure.

    Today is his 44th birthday, but he decided to give all of US a gift โ€” THE ROCK CLOCK!

    The Rock Clock is a motivational alarm clock featuring Mr. The Rock himself telling you to get the fuck out of bed and take care of your bizness.

    The Clock lets you set goals and provides inspirational messages straight from The Rock (in the back of his SUV) to help achieve dat greatness.

    For real, you could wake up with The Rock singing "Good Morning Sunshine" to you. Which is not QUITE as good as waking up to the actual Rock in bed, but whatevs.

    You also have the option of setting the clock to wake up when The Rock wakes up, which is stupid early, just be forewarned.

    So seriously, SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING and get on this clock.

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