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29 iPhone Tips That'll Take Your Selfie Game To The Next Level

Put down that selfie stick and take the best photos of your life.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Use the BURST function to take a quick burst of three photos or more at a time. Then you can pick which one you like best!

The burst function captures ten photos per second, and your phone will even suggest which one is best. And if you're feeling fancy, you can turn your burst into a GIF!

2. Always shoot photos horizontally.

3. Ever start filming a video and suddenly realize you wanna take a photo? YOU CAN!

Just press the white button and you can snap a photo in the midst of making your video.

4. Don't forget you can use your phone's volume buttons β€” and your headphone volume buttons β€” to snap photos.

The "volume up" and "volume down" buttons both work!

5. You can always go back and fine tune your photos in the camera roll.

Go ahead shoot a bunch β€” you can always wait and edit your pics from within the camera if you don't feel like bothering with a bunch of apps.

6. Choose your focus.

7. And you can edit the light and color of your pic, as well as crop it and change the orientation all within the photo tool on your phone.

Julie Gerstein

8. Use the heart icon to tag your favorite photos and keep them in a separate folder for easy access.

Julie Gerstein
Julie Gerstein

9. Filters can help get rid of distracting background noise or unimportant objects.

Fernando Colon (@fcphotography):
Fernando Colon (@fcphotography):

In the photo on the left, Anna Wintour's pink sweater kind of steals the show. Turning the picture to greyscale takes care of that problem.

10. Selfie stick too cumbersome? Try this bluetooth wireless camera remote.

This wireless camera remote lets you take photos of yourself and your friends with a click of a button. It works at a distance up to ten feet, so there's that.

11. Or just use the timer on your phone.

12. Turn on the HDR.

Wikimedia Commons

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. How does it work? When you take a photo it actually takes three: an overexposed photo, an underexposed photo, and one somewhere in the middle of the scale. It then seamlessly blends the three, removing the high and low tones in the process. The result? A photo with more depth of field and color than your standard photo might have had.

"HDR is great for street style shots when the sun is behind you," says photographer Kevin Lu. "The new sensor enables beautiful HDR photos with great dynamic range, automatically giving you better-looking photos, videos and selfies in outdoor lighting conditions."

13. Forget the static selfie. Step up your game and take a selfie time lapse.

The time lapse function let's you take β€” you guessed it β€” cool time lapse photos with your phone. The secret? In order to get something worthwhile, you'll need to film at least 30 seconds worth of footage. Can you sit still for that long? CONSIDER IT A CHALLENGE!

14. Try SNAP!

Snap! is a photo enhancement system designed to basically turn your iPhone into a real deal camera. It includes a shutter, grip, and a set of lenses, including a wide angle lens and a macro lens for both landscape shots and close up studies.

15. Use your AE/AF Lock.

The AE/AF Lock stands for "auto-exposure and auto-focus lock." Sometimes when you're trying to set up the perfect selfie, you can get everything into place and then suddenly your phone goes out of focus and you're just like "kill me now." The AE/AF Lock will prevent you from wanting to straight up throw your phone across the room. Simply hold your finger on your focus point for three seconds et voila! Your exposure point is locked in! No one gets hurt.

16. Photos too dark or too light? Manually change your exposure with the smart slider thingy.

If you're taking pics of something that's already a bit too dark or too light, you can manually alter the exposure by tapping on the screen and then use your finger to push the sun icon up or down. That'll lighten or darken the exposure, no problem.

17. Afterlight is a fave amongst professional photogs, who like that you can adjust xposure, brightness, shadows, contrast, highlights, and temperature on your shots.

18. PHHHOTO instantly makes awesome looping GIFs of your photos that you can share on any social platform. So easy.


19. VSCO, because, hello, it makes everything so pretty.

20. Harsh lighting? Try using the Face Tune app to help make blemishes disappear. It's basically magic.

21. Litely lets you add super subtle, filmic filters to your photos.

22. Darkroom automatically imports your photos into its system, and lets you edit photos β€” and undo edits β€” infinitely. Plus, plus! You can create your own filters with this app! What is this sorcery?

23. Be Funky basically does it all. It's stocked with powerful photo editing tools, an amazing collage maker, tons of fonts and photo overlays so you can have the coolest selfies on the block.

24. Follow the rule of thirds.

You can use the grid function in your iPhone settings to help you properly follow the rule.

25. This one requires a friend: "If you're a party with low light, use the flashlight on your friend's iPhone, and shine it above your heads (not under your chin like Blair Witch) and use your friend's phone to take your selfie," say the Beckerman sisters.

26. When possible, use natural light.

27. Pay attention to your leading lines.

28. Figure out what your focus is and then figure out how you want to frame it (or you).

29. Keep your elbows close to your side for added balance and stability.

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