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Danny Pudi's Revealing Look At Sweet '70s Basketball Jerseys

A new film from the Community actor looks at the brief moment when basketball jerseys went untucked.

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Community's Danny Pudi just released an awesome documentary called Untucked.

Made as part of ESPN's 30 for 30 short documentary series, the film chronicles the 1977 Marquette University men's basketball team and their groundbreaking basketball jersey designs. (Fun fact: Pudi graduated from Marquette in 2001).

Led by coach Al McGuire and team member Bo Ellis, who was a fashion design major, the team debuted totally groundbreaking untucked jerseys in 1977.


But the guys who played on Marquette's championship winning team stand by their untucked style.

Marquette University Archives

As Ulice Payne, who played with the team from 1975 to 1978 explains it, "Freedom of expression is very important, especially in sports. But you think about banning it because it was different, because it was not conforming, then that's probably not a good thing, because that's how we grow as a society."

Watch the video: