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Chewbacca Is Really Hot And You Should Know This

Sorry, it's true.

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OK, maybe not Chewbacca, but the guy who plays him — Joonas Suotamo — is a hottie boombottie.

Nope, not a word. Whatevs.

Suotamo first started standing in for longtime Chewbacca Peter Mayhew during The Force Awakens but now he's fully taken over the role.

Instagram: @joonassuotamo

So what can we tell you about Joonas? WELP! He's 6'10" and a former Finnish basketball player who went to Penn State. Did we mention he's hot AF?

Instagram: @joonassuotamo


And he's not afraid to show his sensitive side?

Instagram: @joonassuotamo

...hugging fellow hottie Prince Harry whilst inside his Chewbacca lewk...

Instagram: @joonassuotamo

...and hugging the internet's Number One Boyfriend Oscar Isaac.

Instagram: @joonassuotamo

Yes, apparently hotties hang out together A LOT.

In conclusion, I love Wookies now.

Instagram: @joonassuotamo

Thanks and goodnight.