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    Chanel Staged Its Latest Fashion Show Inside A Fake Supermarket

    What is cheese?

    Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld's fashion show philosophy seems to be "go big or go home."

    Case in point: For his Fall 2014 runway show, he created an entire faux supermarket for his models to frolic in.

    He filled his Chanel Shopping Center with fake products.

    And had models sashaying among the shelves.

    Rihanna was there, naturally.

    And models pretended to shop.

    "Look at this vegetable!"

    "A grocery store! So novel!"

    "Oh noes! I left my list in the car."

    "What is 'calorie'?"

    "Molasses is the new black."

    "Yes to lemons?" "Yes to lemons!"

    "I don't take my sunnies off for check out."

    "Uh oh, I left my Rihanna in the cart!"