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22 Pictures That Will Make Anyone Who's Ever Worked In A Coffee Shop Crack Up

Enjoy that decaf cappuccino of go fuck yourself.

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1. Opening shift can be deadly.

2. When someone orders a fancy-ass chocolate drink with whipped cream and then asks:

3. Trying to understand the magical mystery of decaf:

4. This CONSTANT dilemma.

5. How you hone your ~creative~ skills.

6. This ~helpful~ little notification you're just gonna ignore.

7. You're not judging people's orders. LOL.

8. But come on, a little help.

9. Make up your mind, people.

10. There are certain drink orders that put you over the edge.

11. No, REALLY.

12. You know that customers lie.

13. But you gotta stay zen.

14. Even when this shit happens:

15. Or this.

16. You know how to flirt.

17. Some days you are the only thing separating your customers from their sweet, sweet, coffee. And it feels...powerful.

18. But're like, What is wrong with people?

19. Customer names are like:

20. Because some orders are just the worst.

21. And there are no guarantees that your customers will appreciate your hard work.

22. So you gotta be like:

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