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This Pony Being Mauled By Kittens Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day


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There seems to exist a magical place in Saku City, Japan, called the Suetoshi Farm, where things like THIS happen.

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Does this look like a bunch of adorable wittle kittens viciously mauling a pony with their cuteness? BECAUSE YES, THAT APPEARS TO BE HAPPENING.

Oh also, a capybara is just chilling, watching the whole thing go down and does fuck all to help.

I see you, capybara. You are part of the problem, really.

I see you, capybara. You are part of the problem, really.


The kittens, pony, and capybara all live together at the farm along with a bunch of other animals.

Basically it is heaven.

Basically it is heaven.

The farm offers horseback riding, a petting zoo, and a pony camp for kids, and it allows visitors to come stay on the property.

Oh also, when this pony isn't being mauled by kittens, he's being attacked by fuzzy piglets.

You can watch THAT particular nightmare here:

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When will the horror end?

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