Can You Find The Naked Model In These Body Painting Masterpieces?

Trina Merry’s body paintings seamlessly blend naked people into the outside world.

1. New York artist Trina Merry makes amazing, immersive body paintings.

Trina Merry/ / Via

2. Using non-toxic hypoallergenic paint applied with a brush or airbrush, Merry creates gorgeous temporary landscapes with the human body.

Merry has a background in film and art, which has helped inform her painting work.

3. Merry told BuzzFeed she got into body painting eight years ago.

Trina Merry

“An Australian rock band called the Red Paintings asked me to stand on stage at a show and get body painted in 2006,” she said. “That was my first exposure to bodypaint and I slowly fell in love with it. I decided in 2010 to shift directions and incorporate the human body as a surface in my work.”

4. In her latest series, she studied the varied landscape of New York City.

Trina Merry / Via

Merry recently moved to New York, and said that painting the city was her way of engaging with the city.

5. “My series is an homage, and a challenge, to Big Apple women who feel the need to blend in with everyone else in Gotham,” she told BuzzFeed.

Trina Merry / Via

6. Merry says she’s fascinated by the contrast between the feminine energy of women and the masculine power of the city.

Trina Merry / Via

“New York is such an aggressive, violent city—characteristics we usually associate with masculinity—when in fact there are way more women living here them men. However, it stands that there is this ambitious, violent undertone that can’t be ignored and some rather phallic skyscrapers around town.

7. “I think many women move here hoping to live ‘Sex and the City’ lives when the reality is most women have to ditch their fancy designer heels on the subway for more practical sneakers.”

Trina Merry / Via

“I’m curious why this dichotomy exists and am simply making some observations about New York. I wonder how this ever-changing city will behave in the next 5 or even 10 years.”

8. For more of Trina’s body paintings, head to

Trina Merry / Via

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