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Puerto Rico Just Opened Up The Dress Code For LGBTQ Students

Let boys be boys however they want.

Guys wearing skirts has become popular among famous folks like Jaden Smith and Kanye West.

And it's been seen on high fashion runways.

Randy Brooke

In Puerto Rico, kids are required to wear uniforms to school.

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Girls are supposed to wear skirts and boys pants or shorts.

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But a new ruling from Puerto Rico's Education Secretary Rafael Roman declared that any student — male or female — can choose to wear pants OR skirts if they want without punishment.

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"No student can be sanctioned for not opting to wear a particular piece of clothing ... that he or she does not feel comfortable with," he told the Associated Press.

The move came after gay rights activists pressured educators to make schools more safe and tolerant spaces for LGBTQ kids.

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The battle over dress codes is one that's happening all over the U.S. right now, with administrators, teachers, and students siting safety and self-expression as concerns.

"Changing people's mentality from one day to another will be hard," said Christina Torres, director of the Dr. Rafael Pujals School in Ponce, PR.

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"The most incredible thing is that young people can accept this with an open mind, but it's the adults who discriminate."