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23 Wild Boob Confessions That Will Surprise You

From the social-sharing app Whisper: "I secretly love it when men use my boobs as a pillow."

1. Sometimes boobs can be a little uneven.

2. Occasionally they're too big for your secrets.

3. But they're deeply mesmerizing, either way.

4. They're often non-compliant.

5. But can make a really excellent pillow.

6. They can help you get out of a jam.

7. Though they can occasionally be a bit of an obstacle.

8. And sometimes they can really get you in trouble.

9. It's important to constantly check up on them.

10. Especially because they're so useful.

11. Definitely always useful.

12. Really, really, useful.

13. They can be your best friend.

14. Or your worst enemy.

15. Your greatest asset.

16. Or the source of your deepest insecurities.

17. Because they're too small.

18. Or "weird."

19. Or you think they're not big enough.

20. But that's silly. They're BOOOOOOOBS!

21. They're so special.

22. And you should embrace their unique and awesome powers.

23. No matter what.

You can find more anonymous confessions on the secret-sharing app Whisper.

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