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19 Insanely Cute Snack-Themed Necklaces For True BFFs

#Friendship goals just got a whole lot more delicious.

1. We go together like bagels and cream cheese.

2. You're the milk to my cookies.

3. The peanut butter to my jelly.

4. The filling to my Oreo.

5. We're a part of the same pie.

6. You're basically the sprinkles in my life.

7. You make getting up in the morning so much better.

8. We make a great duo.

9. You're super sweet.

10. Pass me the syrup.

11. We're both equally twisted.

12. We both know that guac costs extra.

13. We keep it cheesy.

14. Like, suuuuuper cheesy.

15. Really, ridiculously cheesy.

16. But we can also get spicy.

17. You're the chocolate chips in my cookie.

18. Everything's sweeter with you in my life.

19. I love you so much, I might even give you the last slice.