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19 Insanely Cute Snack-Themed Necklaces For True BFFs

#Friendship goals just got a whole lot more delicious.

1. We go together like bagels and cream cheese.

Bagel BFF necklaces, $25

2. You're the milk to my cookies.

Milk and cookies BFF necklaces, $22

3. The peanut butter to my jelly.

Peanut butter and jelly necklaces, $18

4. The filling to my Oreo.

Oreo BFF cookie, $14

5. We're a part of the same pie.

Tri-pizza BFF necklace, $28

6. You're basically the sprinkles in my life.

Pink frosted donut BFF necklaces, $16

7. You make getting up in the morning so much better.

BFF cereal and milk necklaces, $35

8. We make a great duo.

Bacon and eggs necklaces, $11

9. You're super sweet.

BFF cheesecake necklaces, $20

10. Pass me the syrup.

BFF pancake necklaces, $19.99

11. We're both equally twisted.

BFF pretzel necklaces, $20

12. We both know that guac costs extra.

BFF avocado friendship necklaces, $22.66

13. We keep it cheesy.

BFF cheese necklace, $9.50

14. Like, suuuuuper cheesy.

Cheeseburger and fries BFF necklace, $20

15. Really, ridiculously cheesy.

Grilled cheese BFF necklaces, $20

16. But we can also get spicy.

Banh mi BFF charms, $15

17. You're the chocolate chips in my cookie.

Chocolate chip cookie BFF necklace, $15.68

18. Everything's sweeter with you in my life.

S'mores BFF necklaces, $18

19. I love you so much, I might even give you the last slice.

Pizza heart BFF necklace, $22