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    28 Indulgent Beauty Products For When You Strike It Rich

    Live your best fucking life.

    1. This pretty petal-infused multi-use oil with REAL FLOWERS IN IT.

    2. This Givenchy nail polish presented in the most pristine bottle. SIMPLE FUCKING DESIGN.

    3. This simple AF designed lip balm that's also the most perfect peach.

    4. This grown 'n' sexy perfume bottle that has all the right angles.

    5. This adorably retro blush.

    6. Basically anything and everything from Tony Moly, which is just too fucking cute.

    7. This bronzer palette, which is essentially every shade of a sunrise.

    9. This cool blue shower gel that'll make you feel fancy as fuck.

    10. This gorgeous Art Deco atomizer bottle that gives off super classy vibes.

    11. And this hand-painted hand cream, which will probably just distract you with its beauty.

    12. This beautifully abstract blush.

    14. This glorious gold-topped perfume that'll make you feel like a medieval princess.

    16. This luxe and simple bath oil that's extremely elegant.

    17. This Art Deco-inspired perfume bottle.

    18. And this completely avant-garde scent. I mean, what?!

    19. This minimalist beauty oil. Don't you wanna stare at this all day?

    20. This psychedelic perfume spray, which is kinda too pretty to use.

    21. This clean and simple foaming cleanser.

    23. And this retro perfect fragrance.

    24. This gorgeous eyeshadow palette, which resembles a mountainscape at sunset.

    26. This perfume bottle with a bejeweled top.

    27. This super calming bottle of mineral seaweed bath soak.

    28. And this beautifully beachy moisturizing shampoo.

    Now go forth and live luxe!

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