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    36 Of The Most Effortlessly Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses Ever

    So pretty. So easy.

    1. With beautiful layers of lace.

    Grace Loves Lace / Via

    2. With pretty fabric rosettes on the straps.

    Grace Loves Lace /

    3. With lace detailing on the sleeves.

    Grace Loves Lace /

    4. In vintage Gunne Sax.

    5. With a romantic plunging neckline.

    6. With delicate spaghetti straps.

    Grace Loves Lace /

    7. With a pretty lace design.

    8. With a surprising crop top.

    9. With a soft off-the-shoulder silhouette.

    Grace Loves Lace / Via

    10. With a wide bell sleeve.

    11. With a soft prairie sleeve.

    12. This romantic shade of purple.

    Kristyn Hogan / Via

    13. With a pinch of green velvet.

    14. This gorgeous embroidered lace design.

    15. In sheer lace gauze.

    16. In piles of chiffon and lace.

    17. With scalloped lace.

    18. With a dainty drawstring.

    19. In a summery crocheted knit.

    20. With shimmery fringe.

    21. With airy, open batwing sleeves.!prettyPhoto!prettyPhoto

    22. In soft, fluttering silk.

    23. With a delicate tassled belt.

    24. With knotted chiffon.

    Carl Zoch Photography / Via

    25. In sweet polka dots and lace.

    Laura Izumikawa Photography / Via

    26. With delicate floral embellishments.

    27. With gorgeous off-the-shoulder sleeves.

    28. With a romantic crochet trim.

    29. With a simple, elegant form.

    D. Park Photography / Via

    30. In a gorgeous drop-waist shape.

    Axel & Berg / Via

    31. With a sweet bow at the back.

    Veronica Varos Photography / Via

    32. With soft gathers at the skirt.

    33. In an airy, romantic chiffon gown.

    34. In delicate lace.

    35. In a free-and-easy silhouette.

    36. In a beach-perfect mini-dress.

    Shine on!