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The "Bachelorette" Told A Guy To Get The Fuck Out After Finding Out He Had A Girlfriend, And It Was Perfect


Monday night, Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey built a bigger home in our hearts when she STRAIGHT-UP EVISCERATED a dude who came for her with a bunch of lies.

The dude in question? DEMARIO, who'd previously shown great promise (and abs) in the group basketball challenge.

Then whoops, his girlfriend of seven months showed up and ~ruined da party~.

At first DeMario pretended he didn't know who Lexi was. And then he admitted they'd been together but couldn't get his timeline straight.

Finally, when he had NOTHING to say for himself, she told him, "GET THE FUCK OUT."

And the internet loved it, too.

Actual footage of Demario. #TheBachelorette

Demario: idk who this is Demario: i met her a few times Demario: we dated 6 months but i cut it off face to face ..…

Demario: "ohhhh who's this" Us: IDK DEMARIO YOU TELL US YOU SNAKE #TheBachelorette

when Demario saw his old girl #TheBachelorette

does demario realize he's talking to an attorney............#TheBachelorette

DeMario: Who's this? Me: #TheBachelorette

Rachel: Do you have anything to say for yourself? DeMario: Uh... Rachel: Then get the f*ck out. Women:…

Demario thinking he's getting a rose but then getting exposed on national television #TheBachelorette

Of course, at the end of the episode DeMario showed up at the gates of the Bachelorette mansion like a total dunce...

And everyone was like:

DeMario really came back yall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #TheBachelorette

To be continued.