Life Is Crazy And Rich People Can Send Themselves To Space, WTF

    Lol, you totally can.

    If you are rich — really, really rich — how do you even gift, bruh? Thankfully, luxe retailer Neiman Marcus has created this thing called Fantasy Gifts, which are meant for the fantastically wealthy to lose their shit over.

    Or hey, fly to Louisville, Kentucky to make your own whiskey varietals with five of your friends. Price: $125,000

    Also on the list? An Iris Apfel fantasy trunk, which sounds like 94-year-old Iris Apfel is shoved in a trunk and mailed to you, but promise! It's not!

    Or just plonk down your spare $400,000 for a 12-day trip to India, NBD.

    That comes out to a mere $33,333 per day.

    By far the best gift in this year's fantasy gifts? What Neiman Marcus is calling "World View Exploration at the Edge of Space." PRICE TAG: $90,000.

    Also, guys, free shipping and RETURNS!

    So go ahead, take some of that money you've been swimming in, and spend it on the people you love.