Are You A Beauty Addict?

You love Sephora so much, you'd almost marry it.

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    Have a Birchbox subscription.
    Have gifted someone else a Birchbox subscription.
    Visit Sephora once a month.
    Visit Sephora once every two weeks.
    Visit Sephora once a week.
    You know what VIB means.
    You have an embarrassingly high number of Beauty Insider points at Sephora.
    You crave the mysterious VIB Rouge status.
    Always claim your Beauty Insider birthday gift at Sephora each year.
    Can't go to CVS without looking at the cosmetics aisle.
    Can't go to CVS without buying something from the cosmetics aisle.
    Know the difference between BB and CC creams.
    Own a BB cream.
    Own a CC cream.
    Refuse to throw out certain cosmetics that you never wear ... because you WILL wear them one day.
    Feel anxious if you don't have your makeup kit with you.
    Have a Pinterest board dedicated to beauty and hair.
    Have separate Pinterest boards for beauty and hair.
    Have several hair, nail, and makeup Pinterest boards with multiple themes.
    Won't leave the house without makeup on.
    Have a pre-gym beauty routine.
    Slather yourself with multiple creams and serums before bed.
    Live for examining the results of your Bioré pore strip.
    Get a manicure once a month.
    Get a manicure twice a month.
    Get a manicure every week.
    Are completely on top of nail polish trends.
    Are into nail art.
    Are completely obsessed with nail art.
    Began using wrinkle cream before you had wrinkles.
    Reapply your lip balm/gloss/lipstick compulsively.
    Own more than 5 lipsticks.
    Own more than 10 lipsticks.
    Own more than 20 lipsticks.
    Have a separate makeup travel bag ready to go for vacations.
    Use an eye cream regularly.
    Know what hyaluronic acid does.
    Know what retinol is for.
    Are obsessed with luxury sunscreens.
    Get excited when anything high-end has SPF in it.
    Open and play with your new Sephora/drugstore buys THE SECOND you get home.
    Often find yourself telling others about products you "swear by."
    Have a list of products you "swear by" which actually includes about 50 things.
    Feel that having and using fancy products actually makes you more sophisticated.
    Have no shame asking a stranger what her lipstick shade is.
    Refer to hues with specific terms: oxblood, black honey, merlot, etc.
    Feel a loyalty and dedication to certain brands.
    Have a deep and unbending disdain for certain beauty brands.
    Find that when you discover a new beauty hack, it's like a whole new freaking world.
    Have experimented with DIY beauty recipes.
    Make it a priority when traveling abroad to visit local drugstores for hard-to-find European stuff.
    Make sure to eat certain "beauty" foods like salmon and berries.
    Feel like you simply can't live without your signature hair products.
    Alternate between multiple shampoos and conditioners throughout the week.
    Have pictures of beauty product purchases in your Instagram feed.
    Have pictures of your different hairstyles in your Instagram feed.
    Have pictures of your nails in your Instagram feed.
    Always take a selfie after doing an especially good job with your makeup.
    Like getting ready to go out more than you actually like going out.
    Actually leave reviews of products on the Sephora website.
    Can recognize products from their scent alone.
    Await new makeup releases like they're new album releases from your favorite pop star.
    Have purchased some products just because the packaging is so pretty.
    Have purchased some cosmetics as "display" items in your crazy beauty lair.
    Believe free samples are a gateway drug to additional purchases (not that that ever stopped you from taking them).
    Have had a loved one confront you about all the "crap" in your bathroom.
    Fantasize about your dream apartment, which includes a walk-in beauty closet.
    Dream of the day you can afford La Mer.
    Would insist on a solid non-smudge eyeliner if you were stuck on a deserted island.
    Don't remember what life was life before contouring, and you don't want to.
    Have tried the Beautyblender sponge.
    Actually take pleasure in cleaning your makeup brushes.
    Have hunted down discontinued products on eBay.
    Are proud of having always used a certain product since middle school.
    Swear by cleansing oils.
    Tried oil pulling.
    Are actually good at cutting your own bangs.
    Keep an assortment of beauty products by your bed.
    Own a boar bristle (or equally fancy) hairbrush.
    Own a curling iron.
    Own a straightener.
    Own a combo straightening/curling InStyler.
    Know the words Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and Chantecaille.
    Understand the magic of primer.
    Know that the "natural look" often requires a minimum of 10 products.
    Have friends who patiently wait for you to clean out your beauty closet so they can stock their own.
    Know that Clinque's "Black Honey" is the secret shade that looks good on everyone.
    Have a secret stockpile of RiRi Woo in case it ever runs out.
    Will espouse the virtues of a Clarisonic to anyone who will listen.
    Love your Clarisonic so much that you might have actually used it too much.
    Feel naked without lipstick and mascara on.
    Feel that many of life's major problems can be solved with beauty products.
    Feel a trip to Sephora significantly lightens your mood.
    Spend a significant portion of your life doing Pinterest hair tutorials.
    Sometimes start layering lip colors and it gets out of control.
    Have a standing night of the week dedicated to beauty.
    Would rather spend an evening in doing face masks and nails than going out.
    Scheme how you can some day start a beauty line of your own.
    Dream (literally) about beauty products.
    Feel that beauty products bring you more happiness than pretty much anything else on Earth.

Are You A Beauty Addict?

You're what we call BAIT: Beauty Addict in Training. There's one thing you should know: Tinted moisturizer is the gateway product.

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You're a blossoming beauty addict. Yes, you love your products and you go to Sephora quite often, but it's not like you're spending your rent money on argan oil moisturizers and vitamin C serums. Right? Or, um…

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You are DEFINITELY a beauty addict. But is that so bad? Whereas few people find happiness, you've already discovered it. And it lies in the aisles of Sephora, the smell of creamy lipstick, and the shine on the bottles of your immaculate product collection.

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