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An Artist Painted A Bunch Of Famous Celeb Men Going Down On Women And It's Really Something

Not that we have to tell you, but NSFW.

Meet Brooklyn artist Alexandra Rubinstein.

She's the woman behind A Dream Come True (Celebrity Cunnilingus), a series of verrrrry NSFW paintings featuring a bunch of celebrity men going down on women.

The series, "was a response to the lack of heterosexual female perspective in representation of sexuality in mainstream media and pornography, which reflect as well as shape the way we interact in real life. I wanted to explore fantasy from women’s point of view," Rubinstein told BuzzFeed.

There's a titantic portrait of Leo.

And this Hamm piece.

Also, here is Ryan Gosling going down on a woman.

Rubinstein says she focused on cunnilingus because it's so underrepresented in porn, "which reiterates to the viewer that sex is about men and their pleasure," she said.

And that's the point for Rubinstein. So much visual culture eroticizes and objectifies the female body, she wanted to create something that "draws attention to and eroticizes men, making them the objects of desire, not the women."

Rubinstein hopes that people will think a bit differently about female sexuality after viewing her works.