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29 Of The Most WTF Looks From The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Who comes up with this shit?

1. Victoria's Secret models are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

2. Which is why it is straight-up odd when Victoria's Secret decides to put them in such weird, and, frankly, confusing outfits.

3. What is this look?

4. Sexy astronaut space lingerie?

5. Attack of the Hobby Lobby ribbon aisle?

6. So many looks were sending mixed messages. "I'm so cold, but also, check out my butt in this foxy panty." Like this one.

7. And this one.

8. Like, what?

9. And this one. Serving sexy babushka realness.

10. And geez. This one, too.

11. Sexy vampire bat.

12. Vaginal butterfly.

13. Consumptive Victorian wench.

14. Pssst, lady, you have fireworks attached to your body. ESCAPE! ESCAPE!

15. "This is my business underwear."

16. Tentacles.

17. Surfbutt.

18. Were the sheer pants so necessary?

19. Girl, ur butt is getting attacked by butterflies.

20. Crafted from stuff in your mom's junk drawer.

21. Oh, sure, it's sexy firefighter time.

22. Whatever this is.

23. Yes, this is what our founding fathers envisioned.

24. Yeehaw, cowboy time.

25. Balloons. OK.

26. Traffic cop party.

27. Antebellum South gentleman's club.

28. Alexis Carrington on crack.

29. The exotic birdhouse at the Bronx Zoo.

30. Who are we kidding? You're all insanely hot, stupid outfits or no.