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    A Guy Just Stole Every Bottle Of Essie Nail Polish And It's Totally Weird

    Wait, what, WHY?

    Sure, you love nail polish, but do you love it enough to steal it? How about 192 bottles of it?

    That's exactly what some guy did at a Duane Reade pharmacy in midtown Manhattan earlier this week.

    The thief made off with the ~entire~ Essie polish section -- everything from Private Weekend to Over the Edge*.

    According to DNAInfo, surveillance footage shows the unidentified thief shoving the entire Essie collection into his backpack and running away. The incident took place in the middle of the afternoon.

    Strangely, this isn't the first major Essie heist in recent memory. On Christmas of 2015, a woman stole 123 bottles of Essie polish — worth $1,128 — from a Duane Reade pharmacy in Lower Manhattan.

    Um, what is happening, you guys? What are you doing with our polish?