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    A Guy Posted A Bunch Of Fake Fliers At The Dallas Zoo And They're Hilarious

    "Enjoy the first Snakes-giving."

    If you've visited the Dallas Zoo recently, you might have noticed some odd signs hanging around.

    The posters promised "Saddle Days," where visitors were encouraged to bring a saddle to ride on their favorite animal.

    And also Snakes-Giving, an all-snake reenactment of the first Thanksgiving.

    It turns out they're the work of professional jokester Jeff Wysaski who has a whole site devoted to making fake signage.

    But honestly, who wouldn't love free scorpion day?

    Or HAT DAY, where every zoo animal gets a hat?

    Truly, the only loser here is this bearded dragon.

    Instagram: @obviousplant

    I mean, maybe.

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