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This Dad Took The Most Amazing Photos Of His Daughter As Wonder Woman


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"I realized that Wonder Woman was almost more powerful than Superman! I instantly thought about my daughter and giving her that amazing role model to look up to," he told BuzzFeed.

Putting the shoot together was a labor of love — and money. The custom props and costumes for Nellee ended up totaling more than $1,500. And now Nellee refuses to take the costume off.

It also helped that Nellee grew up watching old Wonder Woman reruns with her grandma. "She had seen the old shows and loved them," he said, "so when she saw the new portrayal of her she naturally fell into the role and started copying."

"I want Nellee to grow up looking up to someone who doesn't have to use their body or looks to be respected," Josh told BuzzFeed, "but somebody who is strong in many other ways."

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