Roommates Turned Their Friend's Room Into A Fake Museum And It's Hilarious

    "Notice the clamp designed for the somewhat titillating practice of 'crimping.'"

    A couple of weeks ago, two of Ellen Huet's ten(!) roommates went on vacation, and Ellen and the rest of her housemates decided to play a (gentle) prank on them.

    Armed with the house's laminator — I know, aren't you jealous they have a house laminator and you don't? — the group created a fake mini museum in their roommates' room. Objects were tagged as if discovered by a future anthropologist.

    Everything was lovingly labeled, with roommates taking turns writing cheeky descriptions.

    Huet and her roommates, who live in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, said they did the label-rific prank out of love.

    "We really love them and wanted to do something funny for them that wouldn’t be a hassle," Ellen told BuzzFeed. Ellen said she hid a few around the room that she hopes her roommates continue to find in the coming weeks.

    Thankfully, the roommates didn't mind their lightly ransacked room. "They came home this past Saturday and love it," she continued.

    Keys? Labeled. Earrings? Yup.

    You've probably got some of these "future rare artifacts" lying around the house too, no?