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    A Couple Received Letters Meant For Santa, So They Started Answering Them

    Make way for small miracles.

    Meet Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker.

    John Heil

    Several years ago, the couple lived together on 22nd Street in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Their address was special. Really, really special...


    ...because it's the home of Santa Claus!


    Okay, not really, but for some reason, a bunch of kids started mailing their letters to da Claus to Dylan and Jim's address.

    At first, Jim told BuzzFeed, they'd receive only a few letters each year. But then, "we started to receive these letters by the dozens! Every day a new batch of 25 to 30 letters would appear in our mailbox. It was so strange." Neither is really sure how or why, but apparently the address has been receiving mail for Santa for more than a decade.

    "I started telling people about [the letters] and noticed that people wanted to help," he continued. "It inspired me that these letters — all filled with families who just need clothes, shoes, and school supplies — needed our help."

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    Jim tapped into his connections in the Broadway community, where he works in social media, and the message was spread by word of mouth. Soon, he and his network were buying gifts and needed items for the hundreds who wrote the strange Santa letters.

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    In 2010, the couple and their network of friends and colleagues were able to fulfill the requests of around 150 of the 450 letters they received. "I was surprised at how many people responded to Jim's call to fulfill the letters," Dylan told BuzzFeed. "I think that suggests we are all looking for that connection to something bigger."

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    After several years of living at ~Santa's address~ Jim and his now-husband Dylan moved to London. The current tenant forwards the letters to them.

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    To help fulfill the letter requests, they launched Miracle on 22nd Street Facebook page, which now has more than 4,000 members.

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    The project has forever changed Jim and Dylan. "I've learned that contributing to something greater than ourselves, even if it is something unknown, leads to far more happiness and sense of purpose than solely focusing on our own desires," Dylan told BuzzFeed.

    Courtesy Jim Glaub

    "[This project] requires that we put ourselves second momentarily to help someone unknown to us, and without the usual gratification of seeing the outcome or receiving thanks. The act of giving itself has to be enough. That is a lesson I now try to remember every day."

    John Heil

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