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    Posted on Nov 21, 2016

    A Company Invented Shoes That Will Solve All Your High Heel Problems

    What sorcery is this?

    You guys, look closely at these two shoes. THEY'RE THE SAME SHOE.

    Mime et moi

    The new shoe by German company Mime et Moi comes with FIVE different changeable heels — a high stiletto, a medium stiletto, and high-block, medium-block, and flat-block heels.

    The shoes have a lever on the bottom that allows you to remove and change the heels.

    How game-changing, right?


    Can you even imagine how great these would be the next time your feet start aching in heels?

    @mimeetmoi / Via

    The brand's first collection comes in nine distinct colors and styles and retails for around $190 a pair.

    @mimeeetmoi / Via

    Sadly, these cool AF heels aren't available in the US just yet. But if you email them, they'll keep you updated on when the shoes will be available to American fans.

    @mimeetmoi / Via