A Clothing Company Is Using The Confederate Flag As Its Logo

    The Argentine store John L. Cook also sells Confederate flag tank tops and bikinis.

    This is a guy wearing a sweatshirt from the popular Argentine clothing brand John L. Cook.

    The store's very logo is the Confederate flag.

    You see it in all their promotional materials.

    And even in its ~inspirational~ messaging.

    But that's not all.

    The store sells a Confederate flag tee, which they call an American Short Flag, for about $18.

    Here's a girl wearing a Confederate flag bikini from the store.

    And a sunglasses case from the brand.

    Cook's current president Emiliano Fita, Ramiro's son, says he knows the logo is controversial in the United States, but doesn't find the controversy relevant for Argentines.

    "It’s just the brand’s logo,” Fita told Al Jazeera America. “It symbolizes the history of self-improvement and love in the lives of my parents.”

    Buenos Aires resident Elena Morin started a Change.org petition to get the store to remove the Confederate imagery.

    "The Confederate flag as a logo contradicts the message of love that Cook tries to convey in its messaging," reads the petition. "In its Instagram account, the company quotes Martin Luther King: 'Hate is a burden too great to bear.'"

    "Cook should listen to these words and change the symbol of hatred that currently represents their brand."