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People Stuck Their Arms In A Hole And Blindly Let A Tattoo Artist Ink Them

Would you do it?

Scott Campbell is a mega famous and talented tattoo artist.

He's married to certified awesome actress Lake Bell, who ironically has no tattoos.

For his latest project, Whole Glory, Campbell offered to tattoo strangers for free. With a catch! They would have to be willing to let him tat whatever he wanted on their arms, and they wouldn't be allowed to see it until after he was done.

Lucky partcipants would be chosen via an in-person lottery. Once chosen, they'd stick their arms through a hole in the wall where Campbell would work his magic.

Just look at the pensiveness on this woman's face.

Each of the 25 or so tattoos Campbell inked take up a sizeable amount of space on their wearer's forearm.

"I think there is a bit of magic there in the exchange, the drawing-a-card-out-of-the-deck dynamic," Campbell told the New York Times of the experience.

As a tattoo artist, says Campbell, "you never have absolute freedom in what you create. Your canvas always has an opinion on what is going on them, which is great because sometimes you get inspired by the person, and the piece becomes a reaction to them."

Campbell ironically tattooed a skull with a "trust" headband on one willing participant.

This person got a huge eyeball!

While another got a warning of "no bad news."

Friends that get random tats together stay together?

As Campbell posted each new tattoo to his Instagram page, he included the same caption on the photo: "Thank you for your confidence."