9 Images Of Minnie Mouse As You've Never Seen Her Before

    From Sex and the City to the Wizard of Oz and everything in between.

    What happens when you mix an icon like Minnie Mouse and some of the most iconic movies and TV shows of all time?

    Illustrator Brandon Bron Bermudez wanted to find out, so he re-mixed Minnie as a variety of well-known characters.

    There's Minnie-as-Marilyn.

    And as Carrie Bradshaw.

    Mousespray > Hairspray.

    In Minnie's world Grease becomes Cheese.

    Polka dots are always on point.

    And the Bride of Frankenstein is fearlessly chic.

    Would you rather have breakfast at Tiffany's or at Toontown?

    Shout out to the mouse with the mostest.