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    7 Cute Ways To Wear A Basic T-Shirt This Week

    Get teed off!

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed. Patrick Kovarik / Getty Images

    1. Pin an oversized bow to a simple white tee to make it something truly special.

    You can get one here or here or here.

    2. Pair a graphic tee with a fancy ass floral skirt and jewelry or dress it up with a super luxe belt.

    3. Sew on a cute contrast color pocket for some added pizzazz!

    Find out how to do it here!

    4. Pair a simple tee with your favorite trousers, and tie or twist it up to give it a sexy look.

    5. If you'd prefer a smoother lewk, you could always quickly tuck your tee into a crop top! / Via

    You can easily perfect the look by using this simple technique.

    6. Or wear a lacy lingerie look over your tee, ala Kendall Jenner.

    Gvk / GC Images

    7. Cut creative holes in the sleeves for an open-armed punk rock vibe or fringe out the bottom to go hippie chic.