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    7 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Prints And Patterns This Week

    Become a print pro.

    1. A fun and easy way to dip your toe in the pattern-mixing pool? Combine stripes with florals.

    2. Or keep your color palette the same, but mix up your patterns and textures.

    3. Another option: use your accessories to express your pattern personality.

    4. Mix up prints of different sizes in the same color family, like this lovely lady.

    5. Got a lot going on? Neutralize it with a solid color vest, blazer, or jacket, or pair of pants.

    6. It's easy (and FUN) to clash patterns. The secret? Make sure your patterns have at least one color in common — like the green this cutie is wearing.

    7. Or, you know, go totally batcrackers off the wall.