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65 Impossibly Beautiful Alternative Engagement Rings You'll Want To Say Yes To

These rings are for keeps.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This hammered gold ring with prehnite stone.

2. This rough-cut pink garnet stunner.

3. This Swiss blue topaz trillion sterling silver twig ring.

4. This icy pink pear sapphire ring.

5. This layered ring featuring a black raw diamond.

6. This 14 karat rose gold ring.

7. These custom stacked engagement rings.

8. This modernist black zirconia statement ring.

9. This mini triangle ring.

10. This four square turquoise ring.

11. This raw rough diamond solitaire.

12. This seaform white diamond cluster ring.

13. This pink agate triangle ring.

14. This engagement ring with smoky quartz.

15. This smoky gray cut diamond ring.

16. This 14k cluster ring with green garnet.

17. This square turquoise and diamond ring.

18. This marbled oval turquoise ring.

19. This rough diamond engagement ring.

20. This arrow ring.

21. This 10k yellow gold ring with turquoise cabochons.

22. This rose gold ring with diamond.

23. This turquoise and diamond marquise ring.

24. This aquamarine cushion gemstone set in recycled rose gold.

25. This gold peak band.

26. This "Kira" ring, which features an intricate arrow pattern.

27. This triangular apex ring.

28. This silver pearl water ring.

29. This black diamond grape cluster ring.

30. This gold and diamond moon-like engagement ring.

31. This silver geode lune ring.

32. This shield ring in dark onyx.

33. This silver rose caveat ring.

34. This rose cut watermelon tourmaline ring.

35. This triangle band with five white diamonds.

36. This double black diamond ring.

37. This ring with baguette knife edge bands.

38. This diamond slice ring.

39. This translucent smoky blue ring.

40. This 14k gold hammered ring set.

41. This sunburst diamond ring.

42. This black knife edge ring.

43. This diamond and fossilized jet ring.

44. This diamond and kyanite ring.

45. This white diamond simplicity ring.

46. This large rough-cut emerald ring.

47. This irregular geometric white diamond ring.

48. This rainbow moonstone ring.

49. This round-faced satin gemstone.

50. This electric black diamond crown ring.

51. This clear quartz divine ring.

52. This white diamond and yellow module ring.

53. This double silver suma ring.

54. This 14k oxidized pave large triangle ring.

55. This sparkly hexagon ring.

56. This antique deco and sapphire ring.

57. This Labradorite alba etruscan ring.

58. This bronze and gold ring with chlorite quartz.

59. This "tattoo" solitaire diamond ring in white gold.

60. This silver ring inlaid with strips of meteorite.

61. This vintage diamond solitaire engagement ring.

62. This emerald cut sapphire bezel ring.

63. This reticulated band with green sapphire.

64. This snake temptress ring.

65. This ring with natural green amethyst stone.

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