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    51 Impossibly Beautiful Bras For Girls With Small Boobs

    Because good great things come in small packages.

    Mimi Holliday

    Why You’ll Love Them: British designer Mimi Holliday's bras are sweet, feminine and super sexy. They come in a variety of styles, including balconette, triangle, and padded, for girls who want a little extra something up top.

    Sizing: Mimi Holliday starts at 28AA.

    Price Range: $42.24–$242.05


    Why You’ll Love Them: First off, Eberjey makes a tee-shirt bra (pictured, left). Second, their bras offer light support and come in an array of gorgeous colors and patterns.

    Sizing: Eberjey sizing starts at 32A.

    Price Range: $27–$71


    Why You’ll Love Them: Timpa's sheer demi-cup bras are super sexy on small boobs.

    Sizing: 32A–38C.

    Price Range: $36–$55

    For Love & Lemons

    Why You’ll Love Them: For Love & Lemons makes beautiful bras with three-dimensional detail and whimsy.

    Sizing: XS–L

    Price Range: $37–$77

    Hanky Panky

    Why You’ll Love Them: Lace, lace, and more lace!

    Sizing: XS–L. XS is about a 30B.

    Price Range: $27–$52

    The Little Bra Company

    Why You’ll Love Them: The Little Bra makes both padded and non-padded bras aimed at providing the most support to a smaller bustline.

    Sizing: 28A to a 34C.

    Price Range: $36–$55

    Itty Bitty Bra

    Why You'll Love Them: Itty Bitty Bras are designed to minimize puckering and slipping.

    Sizing: 32AA to 38B

    Price Range: $52.50–$62.50


    Why You’ll Love Them: Japanese brand Lilipiache uses French lace, organic cotton, silk, silk satin, and linen to make the most comfortable, sexy bras ever.

    Sizing: 32B to 34B, and sizes XS to L

    Price Range: $66–$105


    Why You’ll Love Them: New Yorker Daphne Javitch couldn't find the perfect cotton undergarments for her tiny frame so she created her own brand. Thankfully, we all benefit!

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $54–$60

    Only Hearts

    Why You’ll Love Them: Everyone loves Only Hearts' youthful and affordable styles. Plus, it's one of the few NYC lingerie brands that still manufactures in the garment district.

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $32–$60


    Why You’ll Love Them: Relique's femme designs have a slightly naughty bondage style.

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $42–$60

    Princesse Tam Tam

    Why You’ll Love Them: Parisian brand Princesse Tam Tam is lacy, soft, and super feminine.

    Sizing: 36A–32C

    Price Range: $45–$60

    Beautiful Bottoms

    Why You’ll Love Them: Check out those sweet bows!

    Sizing: 32B–36DD

    Price Range: $42–$88

    Lula Lu Petites

    Why You’ll Love Them: Lula Lu comes both flattering demi-cup and full-coverage styles.

    Sizing: 32AA to 38AA

    Price Range: $19–$60

    Meg at Midnight

    Why You’ll Love Them: Meg at MIdnight evokes a sexy vintage feel. Plus, look at all that lace!

    Sizing: 32AA–34C

    Price Range:


    Why You’ll Love Them: Scalloped lace, duh!

    Sizing: 30AA–38B

    Price Range: $54–$58

    Free People

    Why You’ll Love Them: Free People carries a wide variety of bras and bralettes in small sizes

    Sizing: 32A–36DD

    Price Range: $20–$96