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41 Insanely Cool Vintage Celebrity Wedding Photos

Because your wedding gown inspiration is in the stars.

Chris Ritter/

1. Mary Pickford, 1920

General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

This is the gown Mary Pickford wore to marry her fellow actor Douglas Fairbanks. Very very glamorous.

2. Natalie Talmage and Buster Keaton, 1921

Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Silent film star Buster Keaton married Natalie and they had two children. She was allegedly really into fashion, and spent around a third of his fortune on clothes. Whoops.

3. Wallis Simpson and Edward, Prince of Wales, 1937

Keystone / Getty Images

Edward abdicated the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson in a royal scandal. For their wedding in France, Simpson wore a "Wallis blue" Mainbocher wedding dress. It's pretty stunning, no?

4. Nat King Cole and Maria Hawkins Ellington, 1948

Hulton Archives / Getty Images

Singer Nat King Cole and musician Maria Hawkins Ellington married just six days after his divorce to his first wife, Nadine, was finalized. They would go on to have five children together (including singer Natalie), and though Maria eventually left Nat over the multiple affairs he had during their relationship, she came back to take care of him when he was dying of lung cancer.

5. Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton, 1950

Keystone / Getty Images

Elizabeth Taylor's first marriage to Paris Hilton's grandfather, hotel magnate Conrad, lasted only nine months, but the really beautiful wedding gown design — by MGM's costume designer Helen Rose — lives on.

6. Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, 1951

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Ava Gardner called Frank Sinatra the love of her life. They moved into a crazy house in Palm Springs with a piano-shaped swimming pool, but even a novelty pool couldn't make their love last. They divorced just six years later. But she looked really amazing in this halter dress and shawl.

7. Elizabeth Taylor and MIchael Wilding, 1952

Fred Mott/Evening Standard / Getty Images
Fred Mott/Evening Standard / Getty Images

For her marriage to Michael Wilding (Taylor's second), Taylor went a bit more demure, and dressed in a suit dress and pearls. The Wilding-Taylor union actually lasted much longer than her marriage to Hilton and produced two sons.

8. Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim, 1952

RDA / Getty Images
RDA / Getty Images

Brigitte Bardot was just a baby — 18 — when she married the French director. He was rumored to have had to convert to Catholicism in order to receive permission from her father. Catholicism or no, their marriage only lasted five years, and both went on to marry several other people.

9. Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy, 1953

Lisa Larsen/The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

Jackie married JFK in an ivory silk taffeta gown designed by New York designer Ann Lowe. The dress was made from more than 50 yards of fabric, and took Lowe and her team two months to design and construct.

10. Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer, 1954

Ernst Haas/Ernst Haas / Getty Images

For Hepburn's first marriage to fellow actor Mel Ferrer, she wore a ballerina-style Balmain dress. It's too pretty.

11. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, 1956

STF/AFP / Getty Images

If you're going to marry a friggin' prince and become royalty you better do it right. That's why Grace Kelly called on MGM costume designer Helen Rose to create her wedding gown. Rose fashioned the dress from more than 25 yards of silk taffeta and antique rose-point lace. It took more than three dozen seamstresses six weeks to construct the garment. It was definitely worth it.

12. Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, 1956

Weegee(Arthur Fellig)/International Center of Photography / Getty Images

Look how happy these two look, right? WRONG. Actors Reynolds and Fisher were married for just four years before he stepped out on her with Elizabeth Taylor and became Taylor's fourth husband. But! Taylor and Reynolds later made up and even made a movie — These Old Broads — together.

13. Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, 1957

Jack Albin / Getty Images
Jack Albin / Getty Images

Actors Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were actually married twice. The first time, in 1957, Wood was just 19 years old. Their first marriage lasted five years. Both went on to other relationships before reconnecting in 1972. After a brief courtship, they remarried and had a child. But in 1981, Wood mysteriously drowned while on a boat with Wagner, Christopher Walken, and the boat captain.

14. Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt, 1960

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Sammy Davis Jr. basically was the coolest, and his first wife May Britt was pretty cool too.

15. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, 1964

William Lovelace/Evening Standard / Getty Images
William Lovelace/Evening Standard / Getty Images

Burton and Taylor liked getting married to each other so much they did it twice — first in 1964 and again in 1975. Burton was Taylor's fifth and sixth husband.

16. Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim, 1965

STF/AFP / Getty Images

Director Roger Vadim and Fonda were apparently way into group sex and threesomes. Their marriage lasted eight years and the making of the movie Barbarella before she divorced him and married activist Tom Hayden.

17. Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, 1966

Keystone / Getty Images
Keystone / Getty Images

Mia Farrow was just 21 when 50-year-old Frank Sinatra wooed her and asked her to marry him. The condition? She end her acting career. So the pair got married in a 15-minute ceremony at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas (v. romantic). Farrow followed his lead for a time, but the opportunity to do Rosemary's Baby came along, and Farrow jumped at the chance. It was the right move for her, but it ended up leading to the demise of their marriage. The two remained friends until Sinatra's death.

18. George Harrison and Patti Boyd, 1966

Jim Gray/Keystone / Getty Images

Beatle George Harrison and consummate muse Patti Boyd (the inspiration for the Beatles' "Something" and "I Need You," and Eric Clapton's "Layla") married in adorable matching suits.

19. Angela King and Eric Burdon, 1967

Evening Standard / Getty Images

The lead singer of The Animals married model Angie King in a mod, flower-powered soiree. HIPPIES.

20. Liza Minnelli and Peter Allen, 1967

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

Liza was just 21 when she married her mother Judy Garland's protegé, Peter Allen. The marriage lasted seven years, though Minnelli told The Advocate, "I married Peter and he didn't tell me he was gay. Everyone knew but me. And I found out... well, let me put it this way: I'll never surprise anybody coming home as long as I live. I call first!"

21. Priscilla Beaulieu and Elvis Presley, 1967

Keystone / Getty Images
Keystone / Getty Images

Priscilla was just 14 when she met Elvis on an Army base in Germany, where she was living with family. The couple married when she was 22 and Priscilla made her own dress for the ceremony.

22. Audrey Hepburn and Andrea Dotti, 1969

Daily Express/Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos / Getty Images

Hepburn married Dotti, an Italian psychologist, in this gorgeous empire waist getup. The marriage lasted 13 years and the couple had one child together and Audrey Hepburn is totally perfect.

23. Cilla Black and Bobby Willis, 1969

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Hey, if you want to wear a red velvet babydoll dress (by designer John Bates) to get married, like British singer Cilla Black did, I'm not going to stop you.

24. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1969

Simpson/Express / Getty Images
Simpson/Express / Getty Images

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married in Gibraltar and promptly took part in an anti-war "bed-in" following the ceremony. Zsa Zsa Gabor was not pleased with the couple's attire and said they looked like “two people going to hold up a bank."

25. Lulu and Maurice Gibb, 1969

Keystone / Getty Images

Singers Lulu and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees were basically '70s pop music royalty, which is why their bizarre wedding outfits make total sense.

26. Russ Meyer and Edy Williams, 1970

Frank Edwards / Getty Images

Williams appeared in several of Meyer's B movies — and in his one mainstream release, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls — before the pair decided to get married. The marriage didn't last, but thankfully this cheesetastic photo did.

27. Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger, 1971

Reg Lancaster/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Bianca was actually four months pregnant with daughter Jade when she and Jagger wed in matching leisure suits in St. Tropez (she's actually wearing a YSL "Le Smoking" jacket, NBD). She divorced the Rolling Stones singer seven years later, claiming that he'd cheated on her throughout their marriage (and after catching him with model Jerry Hall), and actually famously said, "My marriage ended on my wedding day."

28. Faye Dunaway and Peter Wolf, 1974

Tony Korody/The LIFE Images Collection / Getty Images

Look at these two. Is there anything more perfectly '70s than Faye Dunaway and the singer of the J. Geils Band shacking up? Probably not. (Also, yes, this is what they wore to their wedding.) They divorced five years later, which is obviously a bummer because they both have very nice hair.

29. Becky Collins, 1971

Frank Barratt/Keystone / Getty Images

Sure, sure, Becky Collins was a world-class swimmer and a beautiful bride, but let's take a look at her hot pants-wearing bridesmaids.

30. Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, 1971

Gianni Ferrari/Cover / Getty Images

The hot apple never falls far from the hot tree: These are Enrique Iglesias' parents, in case you were wondering.

31. Firefly and Mike Taylor, 1972

Wesley/Keystone / Getty Images

This woman's name is Firefly. End of story.

32. Nerys Hughes and Patrick Turley, 1972

J. Wilds/Keystone / Getty Images

Just look at those beautiful bell sleeves!

33. Chris Squire and Nikki James, 1972

Jack Kay/Daily Express/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Yes, Nikki James' dress is hippie-riffic, but check out Squire's pirate boots.

34. Lindsey Rudland and Andrew Clewer, 1973

Evening Standard / Getty Images

OK, so these two aren't even famous, but they do have amazing platform heels on, yes?

35. John Peel and Shelagh Gilhooly, 1974

Kaye/Express / Getty Images

Radio personality John Peel and his wife are totally getting upstaged by that dog.

36. Diana Darvey and Terry Gittings, 1975

J Wilds/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Well yes, matching pantsuits should be a thing.

37. Lorna Luft and Jake Hooker, 1977

Mike Stephens/Central Press / Getty Images

Lorna Luft is Liza Minelli's sister and also a very snazzy pantsuit wearer.

38. Aretha Franklin and Glynn Turman, 1978

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Franklin's marriage to actor Glenn Turman was actually her second (she'd previously been married to Ted White). The Franklin-Thurman union only lasted four years before they divorced.

39. Alana Hamilton and Rod Stewart, 1979

Ron Galella / WireImage

Somehow Rod Stewart wearing a scarf here makes him very sexually appealing in a very confusing way.

40. Princess Diana and Prince Charles, 1981

Fox Photos / Getty Images

Diana wore a dress created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel that included a 25-foot train. And very puffy sleeves.

41. Renata Blauel and Elton John, 1984

Bailey/The Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Did you know that Elton John was once married to a woman? Because he was.