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35 Coachella Outfits That Are So Coachella It Hurts

What r u even wearing, bro?

1. This girl and her inflatable flamingo BFF.

2. And this man and his inflatable palm tree companion.

3. This sheer situation.

4. Macklemore, is that you, bro?

5. Or... is that you?

6. This bear-human chimera.

7. And this giraffe-a-human.

8. This mani-corn.

9. This bear just checking his Instas.

10. And this man-cat hybrid.

11. These biz casual partygoers.

12. Please, will someone help Darren Criss out of the clutches of H&M?

13. This neon vision.

14. This pair of coconuts.

15. This man, who is literally a choo-choo train.

16. Whatever is happening here.

17. And whatever's happening here, too.

18. These fairies.

19. For when your body exists in two different climates at the same time.

20. No pants are the best pants.

21. This Bernie bro.

22. This vision.

23. And these fans of fans.

24. A fish.

25. This terrifying rabbit.

26. And an alien. Sure.

27. No.

28. No.


30. This bra.

31. And this bra.

32. This man and his beautiful pineapple.


34. These very ostentatious bank robbers.

35. And finally, this Furby garbage can, which might be the best dressed thing at Coachella, tbh.