29 Of The Most WTF Nails You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Oh god.

1. These scary werewolves.

2. These candy crushers.

3. These beaded tappers.

4. These extensive fangs.

5. These creepy lookers.

6. These haunting angels.

7. These big bad Republicans.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images

8. These creatures from the deep.

11. These tiny daggers.

12. These miniscule gardens.

13. These dolla-dolla bills, y’all.

14. These mighty ducks.

15. And these even quackier ducks.

16. This eye-opening guy.

17. These colorful rollercoasters, personified.

18. These long and strong ones.

21. These anime talons.

22. These big bad numbers.

23. These Swiss Army tools.

24. These Tetris connectors.

25. These high-powered weapons

26. These gold gems.

28. These delicate roses.

29. These cheesy digits.

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