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28 People Who've Definitely Nailed This Whole DIY Thing

There are #Pinterestfails and then there are #Pinterestfails.

1. The artiste who attempted this melted crayon masterpiece.

2. The paper wizard who folder this origami knight.

3. The maker of this Minion birthday cake.

4. The man who basically reinvented this Jessica Simpson pose.

5. The person who made these sexy (so sexy) jorts.

6. The baker who whipped up this fantastically realistic Ariel cake.

7. And ditto for this soccer cake star.

8. The crafter of this button bowl.

9. The creative vision behind this layer cake.

10. The lovers who attempted this kissing couple move.

11. The person who created this beautifully crafted ... this ... whatever this is.

12. The mastermind behind this Nutella mug cake.

13. The creative soul who made this heart-shaped egg toast.

15. The remarkable man or woman who dreamed up this Justin Bieber meat meal.

16. Whoever took this baby photo.

17. And this one, too.


18. The person who tried this closet fix.

19. The poor lady who attempted this hair bow.

20. This master watermelon carver.

22. This incredible turkey cheeseball maker.

23. The person who tried saying hello.

24. The fun guy trying to make some sweet Corona beer glasses.

Please DON'T drink out of these.

25. The girls who attempted to master a BFF braid.

26. And the not-so-flexible buddies in this photo.

27. The super coordinated person who created this nail look.

28. The talented folk who attempted this bottle-made totem pole.
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