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    27 Men's Style Charts That'll Help Every Man Look Good AF

    Go forth and look sharp.

    1. First thing's first: It's ALL about the fit.

    2. It's not just what you wear, but when to wear it, that makes all the difference. A guide to dress codes:

    3. Everything you need to know when buying a suit.

    4. If you're gonna splash out on a suit, better get one that fits.

    5. And once you've found your perfect suit, here's how to button it.

    6. Pair your pocket square with your tie — perfectly.

    7. Make sure you know your double monkstrap from your derby.

    8. Once you've got your shoe game on point, consult this guide to match your pants with the proper footwear.

    9. Follow this general rule when it comes to the width of your ties.

    10. A guide to how your shirt should fit.

    11. And once you've got a shirt that fits, make sure you've got a good sleeve roll.

    12. Keep up with your collars.

    13. What to look for in watches.

    14. And how to step up your shorts game.

    15. A guide to what to wear to get the job.

    16. A gentle reminder of what looks good and ... what doesn't.

    17. A guide to winter coats, by warmth.

    18. A guide to sweater styles.

    19. How to create a simple ~capsule~ wardrobe.

    20. And what to pack for a weekend away.

    21. Know which hat works best for your noggin.

    22. How to mix patterns without looking totally crazy.

    23. Four easy ways to style your extra-long belt.

    24. Which sunglasses go with your shape of your fine face.

    25. Six super ways to wear a scarf.

    26. Look like a gent by getting your pocket square on.

    27. And finally, take care of the stuff you own! Learn your clothing care symbols.