27 Crucial Wardrobe Items You’ll Need To Start Your Very Own Boy Band

You’re gonna want to clear some closet space….

1. Fedoras

Absolutely necessary for proper boy band head coverage, and apparently able to be purchased in bulk.

2. Arm Bands

Arm bands highlight your bulging man (or boy) muscles! Very crucial!

3. Floppy Bowties

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Standard-issue bowties don’t offer enough coverage: You’re going to need a floppy, standout number like the one worn by Harry Styles to the 2012 Brit Awards.

4. Oversized Chinos

Because you’re going to need a lot of freedom to practice your wicked awesome dance moves. Right Nick Lachey?

5. An Artfully Splattered Jumpsuit

Do you own a well-splattered decorative jumpsuit, along the lines of K-Pop boy band sensation B.A.P? No? Get on that.

6. Flamboyant Outerwear

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Got a leopard-print coat stashed in the back of your closet? How about a really furry cap? A leather blazer? A velour scarf?

7. Colorful Activewear

You’re never really off duty, even at the gym.

8. Fur

Brenda Chase / Hulton Archive / Getty

It’s not just for the ladies. It’s also for Joey Fatone.

9. Leather Pants

The more pleats, the better.

10. Ski Goggles

Even the rest of the Backstreet Boys are like, “Hey, what’s up with A.J.’s goggles? He’s crazy for this one!” Random accoutrements are a boy band member’s calling card.

11. Actually, Leather Everything

Full leather is … a look. Why not?

12. Skinny Ties

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Do those even really qualify as ties, or are they just decorative shirt stripes?

13. A Sequined Cardigan & Bowtie Set

Ron Galella / WireImage

Like the boys in Boyz II Men. Matching sequins is critical to maximum harmony.

14. Embellished Denim

The more studs, airbrushing or tie-dying, the better.

15. Mesh Shirts

Because man nipples need to breathe, right A.J.?

16. Beige Sweater Sets

What’s sexier than beige? Not much—except when beige is worn in a group, to maximum beige-ness.

17. Deconstructed Prep School Uniforms

Nothing says “good guy gone bad” like a distressed prep school uniform, so says the boys from Busted.

18. Baseball Caps Worn As Formal Wear

19. Puppies

Can you say, “emotionally manipulative”?

20. Jewel-toned Suits

Rich jewel-tones to accent your eyes and/or your 1993 Honda Civic.

21. Bandanas

As the guys in O-Town demonstrate, one in every color is preferable.

22. Overalls

Please, JC seems to say, join us in wearing the most amazing overalls ever. You’re one of us now.

23. Steampunk Gear

If Take That can do it, well, then you can cultivate a strange steampunk personality, too.

24. Silk Shirts

Nothing says “sexy guy” like a garish printed shirt, guys.

25. Vests

Preferably without shirts (duh).

26. Blazers

Because you’re now in the business (of show).

27. Snakeskin Pants

Brenda Chase / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Yep, A.J. again. Oh, A.J., when will you learn?

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