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25 Photos That Prove That Jensen Ackles From "Supernatural" Is Your Dream Boyfriend


1. Say hello to Jensen Ackles.

2. He is awesome.

3. Before Jensen Ackles made you ~feel things~ every week on Supernatural he did hard time on Days of our Lives.

4. Here he is being featured as a "Clean Stud" of the soap universe.

5. And before THAT, he was a model. Here he is modeling Moschino BRICK PANTS.

6. Fans on Tumblr have taken to giving his early modeling shots a special nickname: Jenny Thunder.

There is a #hashtag and everything.

7. Did you need to see JA hula-hooping in slow motion? You did, didn't you?

Also BONUS second photo: Imaginary hula-hooping.

8. They've also taken to 'shipping Ackles' character Dean Winchester with Misha Collins' Castiel.

9. Ahem.

10. Uh-huh.

11. Yesssss.


13. There's also his real-life broship with co-star Jared Padalecki.

14. Which is super cute.

15. See?

Hey @LoudenSwain1 you mind saving @jarpad and me a seat for the Sat night festivities? It's time. #PhxCon #SPNFamily

16. Bros always be bro-ing.

17. A two-headed monster we could get behind.

Trying to figure out Twitter and I'm noticing an odd growth on my shoulder. #Weird

18. Just Jensen talking about himself.


19. Hard agree.

20. Did we mention he looks great in a tux?

21. He even looks good covered in Blingees.


22. And he knows what's important things in life.

23. Exhibit B:

24. So yeah, he's basically perfect.

25. Even if he is a kinda bad at winking.