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25 Men's Coats That Will Definitely Get You Laid


Julie Gerstein/

1. This sweet camel wool topcoat.

$298, Banana Republic. (Fancy sweatpants optional)

$298, Banana Republic. (Fancy sweatpants optional)

2. This sporty and sleek hooded Heathfield jacket.

$298, J. Crew.

3. This Spiewak water-resistant parka that says "I'm good-looking and also very dry."

$525, Nordstrom

4. This waxed cotton Brooks Brothers jacket that is smokin' hot.

5. This outdoorsy but still totally streamlined wool shirt jacket.

$128, Gap.

$128, Gap.

6. This subtly camo-printed Soulland varsity jacket.

$500, East Dane. (This $149 jacket from Golden Bear is an affordable varsity jacket alternative).

7. This naughty but nice nautical coat from Natic Marine.

$618, Unionmade.

8. This practical but stylish hooded waxed parka.

$130, Topman.

9. Or this more traditional fur-lined hood number, which we imagine you'd wear whilst riding your Vespa.

$575, Gant.

$575, Gant.

10. This Filson hacking jacket, which makes us think you know your way around a tractor or something.

$520, Filson.

11. This foxy faux-shearling lined Levi's denim jacket.

$298, Levi's.

12. This super modern, streamlined peacoat from Brooks.$ja=tsid:51422|cgn:J84DHJLQkR4#$ja=tsid:51422|cgn:J84DHJLQkR4#

$332, Reiss.

13. This "I'm not a biker but I'm just as cool" Blk Dnm motorcycle jacket.

$995, Nordstrom. (You could also find a rad vintage moto jacket for way cheaper.)

14. And this more traditional take on the peacoat.

$151.60, Asos. (Pop that collar up!)

15. This muted Buffalo-checked bomber from TopMan.

$130, Nordstrom.

16. This toggle coat, which says I'm not afraid of oversized accoutrements.

$170.82, Menlook.

17. This badass — but yet, totally adult — bomber jacket.

$71.99, Banana Republic Factory.

18. This streamlined Harris Wharf London pressed virgin wool jacket.

$430, Tres Bien.

19. This fancy-necked Apolis parka. So fancy!{clickid}&utm_source=pepperjam{clickid}&utm_source=pepperjam

20. This muted but cool Paul Smith field jacket.

$318.50, East Dane.

21. This super hot Kenneth Cole car coat.

$99.99, Macy's.

22. This sweet shawl-collared camo print jacket from Beams Plus.

23. This Harris tweed Golden Bear whittier jacket with super beautiful heritage detailing.

$495, Club Monaco.

24. This comfy, quilted waverly coat from Mackintosh.

$555, Union Made.

25. This warm French wool top coat.

$495, J. Crew.

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