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23 Photos That Show The True Horrors Of What It's Like To Have A Period

Next stop: menstruation station.

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1. It's happened again: your monthly red alien baby glow.

9nong / Getty Images

2. At first, you cup an invisible ball around your abdomen, like a '90s raver.

Romolotavani / Getty Images

3. Then you amass your weapons: red lipstick, used condom, and lace.

Voyagerix / Getty Images

4. You cradle a maxi pad lovingly, like a baby.

Andreypopov / Getty Images

5. But then opt instead to consume a tampon.

Emapoket / Getty Images

6. The glowing orb continues its domination.

Decade3d / Getty Images

7. So you camouflage yourself in greenery.

Palatovskystudio / Getty Images

8. KK, back to writhing in pain.

Champja / Getty Images

9. And making ~difficult~ choices.

Piotr Marcinski / Getty Images

10. One of which is, do you kill the guy with curly hair?

Bananastock / Getty Images

11. Occasionally you're suffering in snowflakes.

4774344sean / Getty Images

12. So you lie in bed with your Sad Coffee Husband.

Sad. :(
George Doyle / Getty Images

Sad. :(

13. Your cramps force you to make a lot of these faces while wearing soft cotton garments.

Deeepblue / Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images

14. Then the red orb comes back.'s bigger?
Artem_furman / Getty Images's bigger?

15. And it's more voracious.

Leolintang / Getty Images

16. So you crush some cherries.

Olga Ekaterincheva / Getty Images

17. And bring out your balloon.

Ipag / Getty Images

18. But the red orb...can't be stopped.

Andreypopov / Getty Images

19. Suddenly it's...everywhere.

Vladimir Arndt / Getty Images

20. So you tear out your hair...

Bananastock / Getty Images

21. And go into attack mode.

Eric Simard / Getty Images

22. It's too late. The baby alien glow has already spread around your body.

Staras / Getty Images

23. And this is your new fate now.

Rtimages / Getty Images
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