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    23 Dresses For When You Want To Show Off Your Vagina

    OK, technically labial dresses, but you know what we mean.

    1. Vagina dresses.

    2. So many vagina dresses.

    3. OK, technically labial dresses, but you know what we mean.

    4. Some vagina dresses are historical artifacts.

    5. Some are definitely unintentional vagina-alikes.

    6. Others are like, OK, COME ON, you def. meant to do that.

    7. This vagina keeps it locked up in sequins.

    8. This one's working more of a Vagina Dentata angle.

    9. This dress reminds us that "a vagina is a door to a new world."

    10. There are tons of variations: The haute hippie vag.

    11. The hairy vagina.

    12. The sleek, lacy vag.

    13. The maxi vag.

    14. This vag is ready for PROM!

    15. There are also plenty of couture vaginas, too.

    16. Designer Minette Shuen's entire 2013 collection seemed pretty vagtastic actually.

    17. Even Kim K. loves her a vag dress.

    18. Here's a gorgeous yellow vag from Alexander McQueen.

    19. And here's a very vaginal dress from Rami Al Ali's haute couture collection.

    20. If you're looking for a vaginal wedding dress, there's always this option:

    21. Or this one.

    22. Here's a sexy lingerie-inspired vag lewk.

    23. Basically there's a vagina dress for every occasion!